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Costantino Veglianti

In his modest way, Costantino has been a part of the list of very good foreign chefs working in Tallinn for a good many years now. In addition to Tallinn, he has maintained his own restaurant in Berlin all this time. He is little known, as no one can easily drag him out of the kitchens of either of his restaurants. But those who know him well are addicted to him, as Constantino has the ability to cook from the ingredients that customers want and just in the way that customers desire. Head Chef of the restaurant Gianni.


  1. Strawberry tiramisu with Limoncello
  2. Green prosciutto or bresaola salad with strawberries
  3. Prosciutto or bresaola roll with goat cheese and strawberries
  4. Pasta with tiger shrimp and strawberries

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