Pickled mushroom and buckwheat salad

Serves 4

  • 50 g onion
  • 100 g pickled mushrooms
  • 50 g carrots, boiled and peeled
  • 50 g pickled cucumber
  • 50 g smoked meat or ham
  • 100 g buckwheat, boiled and non-sticky


  • Oil
  • Salt, black pepper
  • Organic sugar
  • Fresh thyme
Peel and chop the onion. Drain the mushrooms and cut them into thin stripes along with the carrots, pickled cucumber and smoked meat. Mix all the ingredients of the salad together. To prepare the dressing, season a small amount of oil with salt, black pepper, a pinch of organic sugar and chopped fresh thyme.
The original recipe was taken from the book Seto Köök – põlvest põlve (Seto Kitchen – From Generation to Generation)..