Cheese cigars


  • Goat cheese
  • Spring roll dough
  • Palm oil
  • Malt flour
Process hard goat cheese into a cream in a cutter. Cut 15×15 cm squares from the spring roll dough. Brush the squares with egg mixture, squeeze the cheese on the dough and roll it up. Refrigerate the rolls for about 2 hours. Deep-fry the rolls in palm oil at 180 °C until golden, drain the excess oil off on a kitchen towel, and dredge the rolls in malt flour before serving. Serve.


  • 1 kg cloudberries
  • 0.4 kg jam sugar
  • 100 g cloudberry liqueur
Cook the cloudberries and jam sugar into cloudberry jam. Strain the warm jam thought a sieve, let cool, stir in the cloudberry liqueur, and serve.